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PrestaShop (English)



  1. Setting up PrestaShop
  2. Setting up MobilePay
  3. Setting up ViaBill
  4. Capture payment
  5. Refund payment
  6. Cancel payment


1. Setting up PrestaShop

Here you can find a general guide and module for installation on your Prestashop webshop.


Setting up Prestashop

PensoPay is an official PrestaShop Partner. Our module is located in your webshop's Module Catalog. If you can't find it there, you can download it here .


Once the module is installed, configure it. Do this by pressing " configure ".


You will then enter the module itself, where you must set up the settings correctly.



Here you just need to insert the required keys. You have received an email containing your API keys. You will need the following:


Private Key


These are inserted into their respective text fields in your shop system.



The various settings are then configured. Among other things, there is the option of allowing test payments with test cards (we can send this to you if you need it). You can also put on where the card logos should appear.


We recommend using the following settings:

Then press " SAVE ".

Finally, you must set up a payment card. Below you choose the cards you can accept with your agreement: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro .


After this, your solution is ready and you can receive online payment with your PrestaShop webshop.


2. Setting up MobilePay

If you have purchased MobilePay for your PensoPay solution, you must follow a few individual steps to have it activated as a payment method in your shop:

Access the PensoPay Module in Modules -> Modules and Services and scroll down until you see "MobilePay" in the "Card list". Activate it and make sure it is set to Visible .


If you then access the check-out section of your shop, MoblePay will be available as a payment method.




3. Setting up ViaBill

 ViaBill is automatically included in your agreement with PensoPay, and you set it up inside your payment module, in the same place as you set up your card payment: Modules -> Modules and services -> PensoPay .


ViaBill will then be available as a payment method in your check-out.





  • Setting up Pricetag

    With PensoPay's new PrestaShop module, it has never been easier to set up your ViaBill Pricetag on your webshop.

    Start by finding your PensoPay module inside your shop's backend


    Access the module and insert your price tag inside the field marked in red.
    You can get your price tag from PensoPay - you just have to ask for it. 


    Save the changes. 

    Now your price tag should be visible on your shop.

    PensoPay is of course happy to help with the above. Just contact us at 



4. Capture a payment

You can capture money from a customer's order in two ways:

  1. Activate the function that captures the money when you send the item
  2. Raise them manually from within the order page

1. Capture automatically 

To capture automatically, you must start by accessing your PensoPay Module


You then choose with which order status a payment should be captured


You then save the settings. 

2. Capture manually

Access the order you wish to capture


Scroll down to the PensoPay API section


Press the "Capture" Button. Now the payment has been captured




5. Refund a payment

Access the order you wish to refund. Here the same order as above is selected.

Now the field is different and allows you to choose a refund amount. Remember, if it is a decimal number, write . instead of ,.


The payment has been refunded



6. Cancel a payment

First, the order to be canceled is accessed.


You can then cancel the order itself, and just like with WooCommerce, this only cancels the order in the shop - and thus not the transaction itself. 


This is canceled by scrolling down to the payment for the order, where you simply cancel this. 


Finally, the transaction is now canceled and so is the order.



If you find that a customer still says that an amount has still not been cancelled, you can see this article: Difference between authorization and reservation





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