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How do I capture a Payment with WooCommerce?

This will guide you through capture in your WooCommerce shop.

There are two ways to capture money from an order through PensoPay:

  • Automatic withdrawal when order is executed
  • Manual withdrawal on the order

To enable automatic capture when the order is completed:

1. Inside the order list you have received new orders. Double-check that the auto capture settings when executing the order are enabled


2. Go to WooCommerce - Settings - Payments


3. Find PensoPay and access the payment solution settings


4. On the settings page, find "Additional gateway settings" and in here find "capture payment when order is completed" and make sure it is enabled *


* This will always be enabled if PensoPay sets up your gateway at your WooCommerce shop.


5. Next, go back to your order page and find the order you would like to process


6. In Status, select which action you want to complete


7. Select "Completed"


8. At the top right of the page you should now update your order


9. The money has now been captured and this is seen under the "PensoPay" payment details on the right where the status is now Capture which means the payment has been captured.



To manually capture your payment:

1. Access the order you would like to capture/complete


2. Inside the order you will find the payment module on the upper right


3. There are three options:

Capture the full amount

Capture specific amount


Here you can choose according to your needs.


4. When the order is captured, it will change the status to "capture"



5. Finally, change status to "Completed" under Status, so that the customer is notified by your shop that their item has been shipped.


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